Making the decision to take ownership of an organization’s impact on the environment can be difficult.

We tailor our expertise to meet the needs and capabilities of any organization that is looking to implement sustainable practices. We offer various services to help you navigate through the (plastic free) sea of options to find what best fits your operation.




Convert your plastic packaging to a compostable option that’s better for your brand and our future



An assessment of the environmental impact of your current packaging and a list of the sustainable alternatives that best suit your brand.


road map

A customized step by step guide to help transition your packaging to the sustainable options that best fit the needs of your brand.



We will not only help you source the packaging you need, we will also work with different materials to create custom packaging that suits your needs.

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design + strategy

What is the lifecycle of your packaging? How long does your customer engage with it? does it contribute to your brand and where does it end up? Your packaging can play a huge role for your brand - is it living up to its FULL potential?

Communications, Brand strategy, sustainability guidelines and principles, design thinking workshops the list goes on; we will be with you from ‘cradle to cradle’.



Reduce the amount you waste to cut down on your expenses while also being more sustainable


lightblue consulting | food waste reduction

Our partners at LightBlue Consulting are globally recognized food waste experts. We are the team on the ground to bring you their expertise in cost saving through food waste reduction.



Monetize your waste with innovative processes and machinery

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Waste to wealth report

Although most businesses are unable to account for it, there is a significant cost to unsustainable waste disposal. We assess your waste streams and help you find ways to create wealth from it.


waste to wealth tech

We offer innovative technologies that will allow you handle your waste properly, saving on the costs of managing it and potentially creating a new income stream for your business.


waste to wealth services

We assess your processes and systems to identify opportunities to create wealth from waste with innovative technology and systems to help your business enter the circular economy.





What You Get:

    • Recommendation Report: identifies potential sustainable packaging options for your product and its impact

What We Do

    • A deep assessment of current packaging and its impact

    • Understanding the products packaging requirements to find alternative sustainable packaging



What You Get:

    • Recommendation Report:

    • List of suppliers for the recommended packaging

    • Road map to implement sustainable packaging with performance metrics

What We Do

    • A deep assessment of current packaging  and its impact

    • Packaging Requirements: Alternative material specifications, Performance Parameters

    • Identify potential suppliers for the packaging

    • Strategy for Packaging

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What You Get:

    • Recommendation Report:

    • Road Map with performance metrics

    • Strategy for Packaging

    • Physical Prototype

What We Do

    • Assessment of current packaging and its impact

    • Packaging Requirements: technical breakdown of current packaging, alternative material specifications, performance parameters

    • Coordinate suppliers

    • Develop prototype with suppliers

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design + Strategy

What You Get:

    • Road Map with performance metrics

    • Packaging Life Cycle Design

    • Physical Prototype

    • Design Thinking Workshop to develop Framework + Design Principles

    • Communications Strategy: to ensure sustainable life cycle and sustainability embedded in brand values

What We Do

    • Defining Sustainable Packaging Requirement: understanding the role of packaging

    • Identifying new materials and performance metrics

    • Packaging Life Cycle

    • Performance metrics

    • Defining market demographic appropriate design

    • Strategic Design for Brand Values



lightblue consulting

What We Enable

    • Assessment

    • Capacity building: Workshops, on-site training

    • Monitoring Software + Metrics

    • Efficacy Reporting

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Waste to wealth reporT

What You Get

    • Recommendation Report: opportunities for creating wealth from your waste streams

What We Do

    • Assess opportunities for creating wealth from your waste streams

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Technology Solution

What You Get

    • Machinery to deal with waste

What We Do

    • Provide innovations for efficiently and effectively dealing with your waste

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Technology + Systems Services

What You Get

    • Systems redesign for efficiency

    • Data analysis of impact

    • KPI for machinery performance

    • Strategy

What We Do

    • Identify opportunities for creating wealth from your waste streams

    • Assess systems that feed technologies

    • Identify crucial bottlenecks in systems that impede introduced technology